Kong Bottom
Shelter in Place, Boston, MA
*1:12 scale
Curated by Sara Coffin
 Nicole Eisenman ,Sara Coffin, Sam Roeck, James Miller, and Antone Könst.
"Occasionally the Eisenman studio crew gets together to eat pizza. Our most recent feast ended with a chat about 80's horror and the King Kong/Godzilla franchises. Being the queer space it is, we also talk alot about bottoms, tops, and 'mediums.' There is a figure in the sculpture studio informally called the 'studio bottom' that gets extra material dumped on its back. Most of the time I've spent with the studio has been during the pandemic, and we mostly made very small maquettes of larger sculptures. Maybe there is something about this time, miniatures, and the fun of bottoming... or maybe not. Regardless, I hope to one day see KONG BOTTOM on the big screen"

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